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Quran The Final Testament

Authorized English version Translated from the Original By: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.

1. One of the Great Miracles [74:35]
2. God's Messenger of the Covenant [3:81]
3. We Made the Quran Easy [54:17]
4. Why Was the Quran Revealed in Arabic?
5. Heaven and Hell
6. Greatness of God
7. Why Were We Created?
8. The Myth of Intercession
9. Abraham: Original Messenger of Islam
10. God's Usage of the Plural Tense
11. The Day of Resurrection
12. Role of the Prophet Muhammad
13. The First Pillar of Islam (Submission)
14. Predestination
15. Religious Duties: Gift From God
16. Dietary Prohibition
17. Death
18. Quran is All You Need
19. Hadith and Sunna: Satanic Innovations
20. Quran: Unlike Any Other Book
21. Satan: Fallen Angel
22. Jesus
23. Chronological Order of Revelation
24. Two False Verses Removed from the Quran
25. End Of The World
26. The Three Messengers of Islam
27. Who Is Your God?
28. Muhammad Wrote God's Revelations With His Own Hand
29. The Missing Basmalah
30. Polygamy
31. Evolution: A Divinely Guided Process
32. The Crucial Age of 40
33. Why Did God Send A Messenger Now?
34. Virginity/Chastity: A Trait of the True Believers
35. Drugs & Alcohol
36. What Price A Great Nation
37. Criminal Justice in Islam
38. The Creator's Signature

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