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A Quran Explorer online edition is available if you would like to preview the software or read more about its features.
For mobile users, a Mobile QE designed forcellular phones has also been released.
QE platform-independent (beta); Save & Unzip the file, double-click on "StartQE.html" to launch. Compact, requires flash capability.

Download Quran Explorer version 4.1 (Dec 2012)

Full-featured Windows Based software with search facility to read Quran The Final Testament (Authorized English Version translated from the Original by Rashad Khalifa, PhD). Contains all the appendices including the description of the mathematical miracle. Many user customizable and advanced options including: Quran search and viewing. You can customize the number of verses displayed at a time, font sizes, colors and more. Features include:

  • Single box allows search of and navigation to verses
  • Word suggestions and auto-complete
  • Index and cross-references include linked verse preview
  • Right-click to copy: all text or selected text (with & without formatting)
  • Concordance, Voice reader, Long number division, and more...

The software is under development and some features are not fully implemented. However, it will not damage your system God willing, and can be easily uninstalled if so desired (from the Windows Control Panel). If you notice any bugs, please let us know at [email protected]




Installation Instructions
  1. Click on the Download link and download the .exe file to a convenient location (e.g., Downloads or Desktop).
  2. Double click "QuranExplorerSetup.exe" to begin installation
  3. From the installation windows, you can select customization options.


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