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Muharram 1426

Volume 21 No 2

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of the International Community of Submitters Published by Masjid Tucson

Malcolm X

It has been more than ten years since I wrote the article “The Man Behind the X” for Submitters’ Perspective. Over time, sincere individuals who seek to worship God alone change for the better. Insincere individuals remain fixed with their “mental and spiritual feet” in the harden “concrete” of false ideologies and spiritual beliefs. Millions of people choose not to move and grow. Malcolm X got out of the “concrete” and invited others, regardless of color and religion, to do the same. Yet, there will always be those who prefer the “stability” of firmly planting their spiritual devotion in distorted religion. This is God’s system. The need to know what Malik Shabazz and people like him throughout the world really stand for is critical. God willing, make sure you know the difference between ‘popularized religion’ and the true worship of God.

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving in my car and heard a radio announcer commenting about newly released movies. I could tell by his voice that the announcer was a white American. Joking about Spike Lee’s new movie “Malcolm X,” he said: “That one is not for us!” I asked myself (although I knew the answer) who is “the us” he is referring to? Frankly, I found it quite interesting to hear someone unwittingly “broadcast” their group exclusiveness, denial, and fear of the legacy of Malcolm “X” with such a strong sense that the listening audience was in agreement.

Despite the fact that the man behind the “X” genuinely denounced all forms of racism near the end of his life, I also hear some African-

Americans espouse hatred of whites in his name. Regardless of their reasons, it seems that many people currently cannot see or do not choose to see the man behind the “X.” But, the “X” is in fashion—on hats, shirts, posters, mugs, just about anything that can hold impression and sell. But, the “X” cannot invite you to think and reflect on the man. Although no holiday has been set aside in his name, the man is and has been a hero to many minorities in this country and people from third world countries. There are also whites in America and abroad who recognize his contributions to the struggle for human rights and freedom for all people.

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