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Submitters Perspective

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MASJID TUCSON United Submitters International

PO Box 43476 Tucson AZ 85733-3476 USA

Tel/Fax: (520) 323 7636

Masjid Tucson site:

Masjid Tucson e-mail: [email protected]

Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

ISSN 1089-053X


18th Annual Conference

August 29-31, 2003

Tucson, Arizona

God willing.

Please mark your calendar and start making your plans to attend the conference. Remember that this is a great opportunity to be with Submitters from all around the world.

Who Can Register?

Our conference is open to all people of the scripture, who are striving to submit to the will and commandments of God, do not associate any partners with Him, and follow the religion of Abraham, the monotheist. However, if this is the first time you are attending the conference, we would like to know about you. Therefore, we request that you provide us information regarding yourself.

I Want to Register, but I Don’t Have a Registration Form

Not all the readers of the Submitters Perspective get a registration form in the mail. Normally we send the invitations and registration forms to the eligible subscribers of the Submitters Perspective, and to those who attended the conference previously. Therefore, if you did not

get a registration form with this newsletter, or lost it, and you would like to attend the conference, you can request it by writing to us, and sending us a self-addressed and stamped envelope to ICS/Masjid Tucson, PO Box 43476, Tucson, AZ 85733.

If you learned about the conference on the internet, and would like to have a registration form sent to you by e-mail, please provide us information about yourself, your reason for wanting to attend the conference, and include your postal address and phone number. The e-mail inquiries can be sent to [email protected].

Attendance is limited and by invitation only. The conference organizers have the right to turn down the registration of any person who is found incompatible with the objective of the conference. Space for the conference is limited so please register early in order not to be left out.
God willing, we are looking forward to meeting our family of submitters.

Masjid Tucson