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Submitters Perspective

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You shall hold fast to the rope of GOD, all of you, and do not be divided….(3:103)


The 17th annual United Submitters International Conference was held in Tucson, Arizona August 9-11, 2002. As always, it was a wonderful blessing to get together with submitters from around the world.

The Friday prayer was led by Amir Kia, who managed to arrive from halfway around the world just in time. In his Khutba, he talked about fashion, with the reminder that, while we may worry about getting our clothes just right, our most important garment is the garment of righteousness. O children of Adam, we have provided you with garments to cover your bodies, as well as for luxury. But the best garment is the garment of righteous-ness. (7:26) Clothes protect our body from the elements, but the garment of righteousness is God’s protection for our soul. So we should spend much more of our time worrying about how our garment of righteousness looks than how our clothes look.

Abdullah opened the conference with his welcoming remarks, expressing appreciation for all of the submitters who had come, especially those who had traveled far, to attend the conference. He envisioned that the light from the submitters was shining brightly in Tucson this weekend, and he reminded us that that light would at-tract Satan. We need to be careful not to let him divide the community and disrupt our conference.

Tell My servants to treat each other in the best possible manner, for the devil will always try to drive a wedge among them. Surely, the devil is man's most ardent enemy. (17:53)

Over 200 people were in attendance and they introduced themselves to laughter and applause. As always, the new submitters were cheered and congratulated. It’s important to remember that only a minority of the minor-ity will follow God’s guidance and strive on His path. So it’s a blessing indeed to be counted among the submitters.

Throughout the conference, we were treated to beautiful renderings of songs in commemoration (zikr) of God. Everyone joined in and the room echoed with the sounds of praise and glorification. Such zikr unites us as one voice, lifts the soul and fills the hearts with joy.

The first talk set the mood as Rahim Talai asked if we remembered today to thank God for His blessings. God gives us so much every day and we often forget to be appreciative. All of the talks offered interesting points of view on submission and all of God’s miracles around us. Once again, young submitters gave wonderful talks, having done excellent research. Power point has greatly enhanced the quality of presentations, opening new avenues to graphically express their ideas.

The final talk electrified us all, as Sabah Currim gave a wonderful visual presentation of the awesome power of lightning. It was the perfect finale to a conference charged with spiritual energy.

He is the One who shows you the lightning as a source of fear, as well as hope, and He initiates the loaded clouds. The thunder praises His glory, and so do the angels, out of reverence for Him. He sends the lightning bolts, which strike in accordance with His will. Yet, they argue about GOD, though His power is awesome. (13:12-13)

Indeed, God’s power is awesome and this year’s conference gave us another chance to reflect on all of His blessings. We must remember that though we come from very diverse backgrounds and have different opin-ions and ideas, we are united in our submission to God.

GOD loves those who fight in His cause united in one column, like the bricks in one wall. (61:4)

All Praise be to God.