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The Treasure

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The Quran is our weapon to help us in the continuous struggle against Satan the rejected. It is the guiding light in the darkness of ignorance; our port in a dark and turbulent sea. With it we can climb to great heights of deliver-ance, without it we sink into the depths of despair and rejection. The glory of God’s light shines through the beauty and wisdom of His words.

We must thank God for the great blessing that He has sent down to us out of His infinite mercy. We have in our possession a book, translated from the original by the grace of God in a language that we understand, to guide us in the right path. In it everything we need to know is made clear.

God made the Quran easy to learn (54:17); flawless and perfect (18:1); consistent (39:23), with no contradictions (4:82), or ambigu-ity (39:28), available to all those who sincerely seek Him with an open heart and mind.

The Quran is a fully detailed book and we are reminded not to take anything else but the Quran as a source of law, for God’s word is complete in truth and justice and nothing shall abrogate His words. (6:114)

The whole purpose of the Quran is to guide those among mankind who wish to submit their lives to the will and design of God Al-mighty, for it is He who hears our every word and knows our every action be it small or large, good or evil.

This scripture is infallible; a beacon for the righteous who believe in the unseen, observe


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Rashad Khalifa, Ph. D.

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the Contact Prayers and from our
provisions to them they give to charity. And they believe in what was revealed to you, and in what was revealed before you, and with regard to the Hereafter, they are absolutely certain. These are guided by their Lord; these are the winners. (2:2-5)

The prize for the winners is that God rewards them with Paradise. (76:12)

They relax therein on luxurious furnishings. They suffer neither the heat of the sun, nor any cold. The shade covers them therein and fruits are brought within reach. They are served drinks in silver containers and cups that are translucent. Translucent cups, though made of silver; they rightly deserve all this. They en-joy drinks of delicious flavors from a spring therein known as Salsabeel. (76:13-18)

Serving them will be immortal servants. When you see them, they will look like scattered pearls. Wherever you look, you will see bliss and a wonderful dominion. On them will be clothes of green velvet, satin and silver ornaments. Their Lord will provide them with pure drinks. This is the reward that awaits you, for your efforts have been appreciated. (76:19-22)

We have revealed to you this Quran; a special revelation from us. (76:23).

Absolutely, God’s allies will have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve. (10:62)

God’s blessings are limitless. The Quran is just one of those merciful blessings that has been bestowed upon us by our Lord, but rarely is the human being appreciative.

Linda M