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Safar 1423

Volume 18 No 4

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of the International Community of Submitters Published by Masjid Tucson


A Journey Beyond a Destination


In the Quran, God instructs Abraham to build a shrine known as the Ka’aba to serve as a focal point and safe sanctuary for the people (Verse 2:125). This cube-like structure, located within the city of Mecca, was intended as a symbolic center for people of all cultures to convene and share in a common bond of worship. The diverse flow of worshipers arriving from different parts of the world to one location would allow peo-ple to witness and confirm the rituals preserved from the time of Abraham and return to their communities as witnesses among their own people (22:78).

The interaction of worshipers would allow people to share their experiences, learn from each

other, assess their own level of faith, and keep informed about the needs or events facing the world. Physical differences and prejudices could be set aside as people would feel the unity of being one under the same Creator while reflecting on their role in serving God and those around them. People returning with this rejuvenated feeling would be an example for others and could help strengthen the bond between neighbors, friends and loved ones. This harmony would promote what God views as the best community; one that advocates righteousness, invites to what is good and forbids evil (3:110).

The pilgrimage to Ka’aba was continued after Abraham by Moses, Jesus, Muhammad a

their followers who journeyed to this focal point to worship the same God and preach a common message.

Traces of this history are still evident when you pray in Mecca. For a brief five minutes, you can witness and feel the meaning of what God had originally intended for this journey. You stand in prayer with an 80 year old Moroccan to your right and a tall statuesque African to your left, surrounded by a circular sea of rows formed from different shapes and nationalities. All prejudice and judgment is drowned by the collective sound of praise for one God. Exterior shells are removed to reveal souls that share the same color and form.

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