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Submitters Perspective

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The Night of Power

Laylat Al Qadr

The Night of Power or Destiny is an extremely important night for Muslims. It is the night in which our code of guidance, the Holy Quran, was revealed from the Lord of the Universe to Prophet Muhammad. The Quran was revealed in Ramadan (2:185), and traditionally Muslims celebrated the Night of Power on the 27th night of Ramadan.

God describes this night as better than a thousand months. During that night, the angels and the Spirit descend therein, by God’s leave, to carry out every command (97:1-5).

Because the Night of Power is such a special night, those Muslims (Submitters) who want to gain extra credit of righteousness spend the night by commemorating God the Almighty either in their privacy or in a mosque with other Muslims. There are also some Muslims who retreat to a mosque in the last ten days of Ramadan to take ad-vantage of God’s blessings further and increase their faith of submission.

Although the Night of Power falls on the 27th night of Ramadan, the followers of satanic innovations are never sure about it. They have their own books to follow beside the Quran a.k.a. hadiths (sayings attributed to the prophet). In one of them, SaHiH Bukhary, it is claimed that the prophet and his companions knew the precise night, but later God caused it to be forgotten. In still another hadith, it is reported that the “Night of Power” keeps changing from one year to another, whatever this means.

True Muslims always trust their Lord, and are confident that He will never deceive them. When God Almighty informs us in His most authentic Hadith that “We did not leave anything out of this book” (6:38), they know that all they need is found in this divine revelation. For this reason, and even before the discovery of the divine code of 19 by Dr. Rashad Khalifa, Muslim scholars researched for the exact date of the “Night of Power,” or Laylat Al Qadr in the Quran.

Some saw signs in Sura 97 “Al Qadr.” It is interesting to see that God mentioned “Laylat Al Qadr” (The Night of Power), a phrase that consists of 9 Arabic letters, exactly three times, in 97:1, 2, and 3. The sign was that 9x3=27, which means it is the 27th night of Ramadan.

Other Muslim researchers noticed that Sura 97 consists of exactly 30 Arabic words, as if it were referring to the days of the month. If you start counting the words, then you will find that the 27th word is “it,” as if God is tell-ing us the 27th night of Ramadan is “it.”

Mathematical Confirmation

The code of 19, however, serves as an authentication for all information one extracts from the book of God. It also helps put to rest any speculations concerning the exact occurrence of that night. The divine code spells out the true date of the night of power as follows:

The gematric or numeric value of “Laylat Al Qadr” is 410. The nine Arabic letters that make up this phrase have the following values (letters shown in English equivalents):

L=30, Y=10, L=30, T=5, A=1, L=30, Q=100, D=4, R=200

If we add 410, the total of above numbers, plus the Sura number (97) and the verse numbers in which “Laylat Al Qadr” occurs (1, 2, 3), we get

410 + 97 + 1 + 2 + 3 = 513, or 19 x 27.

Praise God.

Mohamed H. Aboul-Seoud, Ph.D.