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Submitters Perspective

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MASJID TUCSON United Submitters International

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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In the Name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful!

As you will no doubt notice from the below signature, I am what your writings define as a "submitter". I am a member of a community known as Yahad 'Evyoni. These are the modern-day descendents of those Ebionites who were recognized as the "True Followers of Jesus" by Muslim scholars (and now some Christians, too). Our website is at http://ebionite.org with our statement of beliefs. They are almost identical to your own in most respects.

I just wanted to write and commend you on your excellent work. You are doing much for the spreading of True Religion, and I shall pray for the success of your endeavours, insha'allah.

Peace be upon you. Sincerely yours, Moshe


Greetings fellow Muslims:

I just want to say that the site you have is very informative, and to thank you so much! I have just recently become a Muslim, and your site has made my faith even stronger, clearing out some of the cultural things that people have clouded the true religion with! Thank you so much!

Your friend, Jason B.


Peace and may Allah's blessings be upon you

I just wanted to express my joy in reading your well-grounded webs on the hadith. I thought I was the only one who thought they (hadith) were the source of 'the decline of rational' in Islam. I was so happy to read educated essays on these gross books. Thanks again, if you have any mailing lists, put me on.

Your brother, Yusuf


To those who Believe in and Fear God,

I just went through your website quite by accident- I was reviewing the position Islam holds on the use of drugs and alcohol and I noticed that you had something to say about Jesus and Christians.

I am a Christian; moreover, I am a Christian who has submitted to the guidance of God. I follow the path laid down for me by God by recognizing little signs and wonders that lead me closer to a righteous state of being…

From what you say it would appear that we're all heading to great End and like I personally believe all of us (Jews, Christians, Muslims) are numbered with righteous souls who will live to stand before God in that last day. After all the fundamentals of the Bible and the fundamentals of the Quran aren't too different.

Robert S.