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*7:1 See Appendix 1 for the role of these initials in the Quran's mathematical miracle.

*7:9 Failing to heed our Creator leads to spiritual starvation and eventual ``loss'' of the soul.

*7:16 Satan is a proven liar, and so are his constituents (see 2:36, 6:22-23, & 7:20-22).

*7:46-49 Initially, there will be 4 places: (1) the High Heaven, (2) the Lower Heaven, (3) the Purgatory, and (4) Hell. The Purgatory will be annexed into the Lower Heaven.

*7:54 The six days of creation are allegorical; they serve as a yardstick to let us know the relative complexity of our infinitesimal planet Earth - it was created in ``4 days'' (see 41:10).

*7:102 This life is our last chance to redeem ourselves, but most people are proven to be stubbornly rebellious and evil (see the INTRODUCTION).

*7:142 The manner in which these numbers are mentioned is significant. As detailed in Appendix 1, all the numbers mentioned in the Quran add up to 162146, 19x8534.

*7:148 How the golden calf acquired the sound of a calf is explained in Footnote 20:96.

*7:156 The importance of the obligatory charity (Zakat) cannot be over emphasized. As instituted in 6:141, Zakat must be given away upon receiving any income - 2.5% of one's net income must be given to the parents, the relatives, the orphans, the poor, and the traveling alien, in this order (see 2:215).

*7:157 Muhammad is prophesied in Deuteronomy 18:15-19 and John 14:16-17 & 16:13.

*7:172 Thus, every human being is born with an instinctive knowledge about God.

*7:174 This life is our last chance to return to God's Kingdom (See INTRODUCTION).

*7:187 The right time to reveal this information was predestined to be 1980 A.D., through God's Messenger of the Covenant (See 15:87, 72:27, and Appendices 2 & 11).

**7:187 The ``Hour'' comes ``suddenly'' only to the disbelievers (See Appendix 11).

*7:205 Your god is whoever or whatever occupies your mind most of the day. This explains the fact that most of those who believe in God are destined for Hell (See 12:106, 23:84-90, and Appendix 27).

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