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*36:1 See Appendix 1 for the detailed explanation of these initials.

*36:3 See Appendices 2 & 26 for the irrefutable physical evidence.

*36:10 Everyone is already stamped as a believer or a disbeliever. See Appendix 14.

*36:13-27 God's messengers have proof, advocate God alone, and do not ask for money.

*36:26 The righteous do not really die; they simply move on to the same Paradise where Adam and Eve lived. They join the prophets, saints and martyrs in an active and utopian life (see Appendix 17).

*36:30 If the messenger presents solid proof of messengership, advocates the worship of God alone, and does not ask us for money, why should we not believe? (See Appendix 2.)

*36:69 The word "Zikr" refers frequently to the Quran's great mathematical code, which is certainly not literary, nor poetry. Please check out 38:1,8; 15:6,9; 16:44; 21:2, 24; 26:5; & 36:11.

*36:83 It is noteworthy that the gematrical value of "Rashad" (505), plus the gematrical value of "Khalifa" (725), plus the sura number (36), plus the number of verses (83), produces a total that is a multiple of 19 (505+725+36+83=1349=19x71). Also, Sura 36 is number 19 among the 29 initialed suras.

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