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*33:4 It was a custom in Arabia to estrange the wife by declaring that she was like the husband's mother. Such an unfair practice is abrogated herein.

*33:7 The covenant is detailed in 3:81. God took a covenant from the prophets that they shall support His Messenger of the Covenant who would come after Muhammad to purify and unify their messages. The Covenant was made before the earth's creation, and was fulfilled in Mecca Zul-Hijja 3, 1391 (December 21, 1971). The sum of the Islamic month (12), plus the day (3), plus the year (1391) gives 1406, 19x74. Overwhelming proof identifying God's Messenger of the Covenant as Rashad Khalifa is provided throughout the Quran (Appendices 2 & 26).

*33:21 Satan took this verse out of context, and relied on the people's idolization of the prophet Muhammad to innovate a whole set of unauthorized and unreasonable regulations called ``Sunna of the Prophet.'' This created a totally different religion (see 42:21 and Appendix 18).

*33:40 Despite this clear definition of Muhammad, most Muslims insist that he was the last prophet and also the last messenger. This is a tragic human trait as we see in 40:34. Those who readily believe God realize that God sent His purifying and consolidating Messenger of the Covenant after the final prophet Muhammad (3:81, 33:7).

*33:41-42 Your god is whatever occupies your thoughts most of the time. Hence the commandment to commemorate God and glorify Him day and night. See Appendix 27.

*33:53 We are enjoined in 4:22 from marrying women who were previously married to our fathers. Nor can the father marry the divorced wife of his genetic son (4:23). This divine commandment preserves our respect for our fathers and their most private affairs. Similarly, the prophet was a father figure to the believers of his time. For the good of those believers, God enjoined them from marrying women who were previously married to the prophet. Marriage is a sacred and very private relationship, and the prophet's private life was better kept private.

*33:56 The word ``prophet'' (Nabi) consistently refers to Muhammad only when he was alive. Satan used this verse to entice the Muslims into commemorating Muhammad, constantly, instead of commemorating God as enjoined in 33:41-42.

*33:63 Less than a century ago, only God possessed knowledge about television and space satellites, for example. He revealed this knowledge at the predetermined time. Similarly, God has revealed the time appointed for the end of this world (Appendix 25).

*33:72 The animals, trees, stars, etc. took advantage of this.

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