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Submitters Perspective

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MASJID TUCSON United Submitters International

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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Asalaamo Alaikum,

It is my first chance to visit your web site. With out any doubt, it is one of best Islamic web site I ever visited. Though I brought up in a different school of thought, but it is very hard for me to reject your arguments.

With out any doubt, most of the stuff I read on your web site so far, is very logical and enlightening. It shows a beautiful picture of Islam, a peaceful, practical and natural religion. Unfortunately, most of the prominent scholars of Islam are presenting Islam in such a horrible way that not only non-Muslims but even the God fearing Muslims are getting frustrated. These so called custodian of Islam are openly using the name of Islam for their own politically and wordily gains. There is hardly any body who can stop them. May Allah guide us on the right path (Ameen).
Wasalaam, S. R.


Assalam Walaikum

Thank you for your site! Thanks Allah for leading us in the right path. Your site has taken me out of all my doubts and confusions and have given me back the freedom that Allah intented us to have and that in my heart I always knew that the Islam I was thought had lots of oppression and contradictions to it.
F. S. V.


As Salam Wa Alakioum wa Rahmatulah Wa Barakatu.

Bismillah- My dear brothers and sisters. I feel so overwhelmed and my heart and Spirit have been set free after 16 yrs of in and out of ISLAM practice. I have always understood the submission to GOD. What I could not accept in my life is illogical practice and unanswered question. "Accept here is the sahih hadith follow it!!". I have been struggling in my Islam, not at all because I questioned the base, but every other thing that is crammed in it with out question and thousands of followers not referring to the HOLY QURAN. I knew that ISLAM was the truth PRAISE GOD, but the hijab, the no music; these things were not logical and peaceful. And ALLAH is most peaceful and logical. I thank you so much that you have this web site and now I can practice without question and concern. Everything we need is in the Quran.

All complete. Praise GOD. I so want to be involved with other submitters and brothers and sisters with the true understanding. I will come with quite a fight here in my community; it is sick and depleting healthy people who are bound by lies and customs. God willing we will realize the true freedom there is in ISLAM. I ask that my email address be given out for communication. I feel really alone here and I need support. No one here in this community is in truth only Allah knows for sure their hearts. So please email me back and let me get involved. Praise GOD, Praise GOD, Praise GOD. Peace and Blessing of our Creator be with you. Sister K.