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For many years I've searched for God. Judaism led to Christianity where I still am, though in body only. I have done tons of reading and researching, esp. in the case of Christian dogma. I began that research after reading the Old and New Testaments and being troubled by inconsistencies and plain lack of logic (for example, if the OT says worship God only, and He's one, how in the world did Jesus get in there and the Holy Spirit? If Jesus was God incarnate, why did he pray to himself? Why, if Jesus was God did he tell us to pray to God and only Him? In the OT God detests human sacrifice, so then why does He suddenly change His mind and demand a human sacrifice for our sins?). There were a lot more. Eventually my searching took me to Islam and God, in His mercy, had me hit on your website. I finally started getting some answers. I am still reading the Quran and can't begin to express the relief I've experienced in finally having God's word that isn't illogical, inconsistent and is so simple!

Of course, it's not hard to see that Judaism, Christianity and Islam today are just religions, and very corrupted ones at that. All three make the same mistakes and all three have committed violence towards others in the name of those mistakes. As a result, I'm in a quandary. I currently pray at home and observe charity, etc in my daily life. But as far as worshipping with others, I'm at a loss. The church where I currently go, I, of course no longer believe in any of the dogma. Yet I don't think there's any mosque here that doesn't practice corrupted Islam. What do I do? Do you know of any in my area that follow the Quran only? (I REFUSE to follow or accept ANYTHING other than what is in the Quran--I've been burned by man-made fabrications once too often). Or am I really on my own? At the very least I do have your website, which is truly a gift from God. I've seen other websites and they tend to mix in a whole lot of other junk….

Sister C. J.


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful…

I Love your Website - one of the BEST on the web

I just found your website a couple days ago and have been glued to it and have sent it to other Muslims. Thank you for your COMMON SENSE!! and most of all trying to set the record straight in areas of Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him), music, women's dress and soooo much more.

It is so important to read the Holy Quran for ourselves and NOT to have scholars and others interpret it for us. Your sites really hit home that message.

I have much, much more to go on your site, but I wanted to say thank you!!! and I will write you again.

Sister E. B.