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Halal Meat

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Is the soap or toothpaste that contains pig fat "haram"? The above Quranic verse 6:145 teaches us very clearly what animal products are prohibited for consumption. Soap or toothpaste is not food and the reason for "halal" or "haram" is irrelevant any way for these items.

We learn in the above verse 6:145 that meat of pigs is "haram" for consumption. But, how about pig fat? The Quran is a perfect (6:38), complete (6:115) and fully detailed (6:114) book and the answer to it can be derived easily from the Quran. The laws of prohibitions in the Quran are very specific. God Almighty prohibits either "the meat" or "the fat" or both. This is clear from the following verse:

For those who are Jewish we prohibited animals with undivided hoofs; and of the cattle and sheep we prohibited the fat, except that which is carried on their backs, or in the viscera, or mixed with bones. That was a retribution for their transgressions, and we are truthful. (6:146)

So, according to this verse the fat derived from cattle or sheep is prohibited for Jews but not for us. Like cattle or sheep fat, the pig fat is not prohibited for us, since it is not specifically prohibited anywhere in the Quran.

Please note that according to the verse 6:145 mentioned earlier, the Quran informs us that the meat of pigs is prohibited since it is contaminated. It is interesting to know that only pig meat is contaminated and not pig fat! The most destructive Trichinosis parasite Trichinella Spiralis and the pork tapeworm Taenia Solium are found in the pig meat, not the fat and many people are infected annually in the USA. Please note that the prohibition against eating pig meat is also mentioned in the previous scriptures (Leviticus 11:7 and Deuteronomy 14:8).

The Quran teaches us that God Almighty is not pleased with those who prohibit anything that was not specifically prohibited in the Quran (10:59, 16:35, 16:112-116).

Therefore, you shall eat from God's provisions everything that is lawful and good, and be appreciative of

God's blessings, if you do worship Him alone. He only prohibits for you dead animals, blood, the meat of pigs, and food which is dedicated to other than God. If one is forced (to eat these), without being deliberate or malicious, then God is Forgiver, Most Merciful. You shall not utter lies with your own tongues stating: "This is lawful, and this is unlawful," to fabricate lies and attribute them to God. Surely, those who fabricate lies and attribute them to God will never succeed. (16:114-116)

Last but not least, it is not the butchers or the grocery owners but we, the meat consumers, who are individually responsible for consuming "haram" or "halal" food (6:118, 6:119, 6:121). Each soul is responsible for its own work and so we need to mention God's name before we eat, as understood from one such verse:

Do not eat from that upon which the name of God has not been mentioned, for it is an abomination. The devils inspire their allies to argue with you; if you obey them, you will be idol worshipers. (6:121)